Research and insight takes many forms. But all of it is aimed at the same goals: to improve your decision-making, and to form the basis of some genuinely ground-breaking content that starts conversations. We use a methodology that’s on the money to ensure that you’re using the best data to do, or say, the right things.

In today’s market guess work rarely leads to effective communication. That’s why we offer something original as an agency, with our in-house research division. It’s called Loudhouse, and it’s comprised of a team of specialist researchers and strategic planners who work closely with Octopus Group.

Working with us means that you can back up your go-to-market strategy, campaigns and plans with thorough focus group or market insight. And inform crucial buyer persona identities so you’ve got the confidence to know what you’re doing will work for the right people.

Our talented researchers also create ambitious qualitative and quantitative surveys that form the basis of high-value, newsworthy content to inform and engage.

Every bit of research we do is led by experts with a passion for knowledge, using a methodology that’s proven to work and that links perfectly with our other Brand To Sales™ services.